How to choose the right countertop fridge

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Countertop fridges are a fantastic investment for many food-related businesses. Providing all the benefits of larger display fridges, but on a smaller scale, countertop fridges prove true the old saying that the best things come in small packages. 

A cleverly stocked countertop fridge, strategically placed and quickly replenished as stock levels go down, will provide you with an excellent additional revenue stream from your impulse-driven customers. 

We know that consumers make emotional buying decisions, and many of their purchasing choices are driven by what they see. 

Countertop fridges sit at the perfect height to tempt customers to add another item to their baskets. They can help you maximise the sales potential from your customer base. 

Why invest in a countertop fridge for your business

Choosing whether to invest in a countertop fridge will depend on the type of business you run, your typical customers, what you currently offer, and the available space in your premises. 

Countertop fridges are an excellent investment for coffee shops, cafés, delis and food made to go, such as sandwich shops. If you have limited floor space, or would rather not lose customer space to a bulky display fridge, then smaller countertop fridges are ideal. They’re large enough to create attractive product displays, giving your customers a visual incentive to buy without taking up a huge amount of precious floorspace. 

If you run a small coffee shop and have just started selling a range of freshly baked sweet treats, a countertop fridge is the perfect way to showcase a ‘coffee and cake’ meal deal to tempt your customers to spend more. And if you sell homemade or prepacked sandwiches, having a countertop drinks fridge to offer cold drinks so your customers can wash their lunch down is a good investment. Whenever you have an opportunity to offer your customers another item to add to their order, make the most of it. Remember, it’s easier to sell to existing customers who are already engaged with you than it is to acquire new customers.

Placement is key to boosting sales

When you’re deciding whether to invest in a countertop fridge for your business, spend some time thinking about where you’re going to locate it. If it will detract from the smooth running of your business, it won’t be an asset. You need to place your countertop fridge where it’s convenient for your customers to see and reach it, where it doesn’t block space or make it awkward for you to work around. Think about the flow of customers through your unit. 

Are people queuing by the counter? 

Are they waiting in the corner for their order, by that unused area of countertop? 

Which area of your space are you not fully using? 

You know your customers and your space better than anyone, so spend some time thinking about the best place to locate your countertop fridge.

Choosing the best countertop fridge for your business

When buying a countertop fridge, there are several factors to consider. 

Determine the available space where you plan to place the countertop fridge and measure the dimensions accurately. Consider the internal capacity of the fridge as well, ensuring it will meet your storage needs for your products.

Check the cooling capability and temperature range of the countertop fridge. Ensure it can maintain the desired temperature for the items you plan to store. Look for models with adjustable thermostat settings for better temperature control.

Consider the energy efficiency rating of the countertop fridge. A or B rated cabinets are designed to consume less electricity, saving you money in the long run and being more environmentally friendly.

And evaluate the internal layout of the countertop fridge. Check if it has adjustable shelves or compartments that can accommodate different-sized items. Consider whether you need specific features like a separate freezer compartment or a drinks can dispenser.

At Fridgesmart, we have an extensive range of different types of countertop fridges, so you’ll be able to find the best fit for your business. With various sizes and colours available, many of the units we sell can be custom-branded to help you promote your products and business. Whether you want a small drinks display cabinet to attract last minutes purchases at the point of sale, or a countertop serveover unit to offer choice to your café customers, we will have the ideal countertop unit for you. Our countertop fridges have the same quality cooling properties as our larger units and are designed to the same high standards of engineering that you would expect from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We only sell quality at Fridgesmart.

Why come to Fridgesmart for your countertop fridge

Whatever stage of the buying process you’re at, we can help. Whether you’re looking at the best options to invest in your coffee shop, takeaway or food store, or you need a replacement countertop drinks fridge in a hurry, we’ve got you covered. 

Take a look at our range of countertop fridges or speak to our experienced and friendly team to discuss the best countertop option for you and your business. Simply call us today on 01792 677169.