How to choose the right commercial drinks fridge

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Choosing a new commercial drinks fridge for your retail business is an important investment. You need to spend time considering and researching the best type of commercial drinks fridge for your outlet, whether it’s a convenience store, farm shop or grab and go offering. Business investments are essential for building longevity and growth, so taking the time to plan your next one is time well spent. You can take a look at our carefully chosen range of commercial drinks fridges here. Whatever your industry and the type of drinks you’re selling, we’ll have the ideal commercial drinks fridge for your business.

Think about your customers – what do they want?

Understanding your customers and their behaviour is a crucial element of your decision-making. Spend time watching your customers and their buying habits, as well as talking to your customers, to understand what they want, and when and how they want it. Are they busy, on-the-go people who want to grab a quick drink? Or, are they thoughtful and considered connoisseurs, who want the space and time to think about their choices? Are they sporty, looking for energy drinks, or healthy smoothies? Or, are they office workers seeking an afternoon pick-me-up? All these customers need different products, and each product type may need a specific commercial drinks fridge. If you cater to more than one type of customer, consider getting more than one drinks fridge, so that each one can appeal to their ideal customer. Trying to mix two or more types of drinks in one display unit can result in poor sales of all the products.

Different styles for different businesses

One of the most important considerations for your commercial drinks fridge is the type of door. Our refrigeration units come with a range of door types, from open-fronted options, sliding doors for space-saving to traditionally opening doors. Open-fronted friedges are perfect for busy retail units, with a high footfall and time-poor customers. The downside is they can be less energy efficient, but you’ll need to balance this against the quantity of sales that having an open-fronted unit, like a multideck, could help you generate. It’s also important to bear in mind that although they may be less efficient than models with closing doors, the newer units are far more energy efficient than older ones, so if it’s time to replace or upgrade, you could still save money in the long run.

Sliding doors or standard doors are more energy efficient but put a barrier between the customer and the product. However, an appealing display will help tempt your customers to open the door. Our modern fridges have been designed with slimline frames to increase the glass-fronted area, so more of the interior is visible to customers. They also have cleverly designed shelving and lighting to showcase your drinks to the optimum. Available space for branding and promotion can help to build brand loyalty or to promote certain popular brands. Our drinks fridges come in different colours and finishes, so you can keep in line with your style and business look.

Get energy efficient with modern commercial drinks fridges

Given that refrigeration accounts for around 70% of the energy costs of a small retail unit, it’s worth spending time considering your commercial refrigeration. Older units are notoriously power-hungry, and upgrading your drinks fridges could save you money on your monthly outgoings. Careful consideration of the best types of drinks fridges for your business will help keep costs down. You could choose a smaller open-fronted drinks fridge, with larger storage fridges to keep the bulk of your stock in, giving you the best of both worlds. Keep your drinks fridge well-stocked, so that the fridge is working at its optimum. Overstocked or understocked fridges make it harder for the fridge to keep to an optimum temperature, making them less efficient, so make sure your fridge is at a good capacity.

Make the most of your displays

Effective refrigerated drinks displays are pivotal for driving sales. Lighting plays a crucial role in accentuating packaging and creating visual appeal. Strategically placed lights can spotlight bestsellers or promotions, guiding customers’ attention.

Custom branding, meanwhile, builds product recognition and trust. Consistent and clear branding on the display can resonate with brand-loyal customers and attract potential new ones. Shelving is equally vital; adjustable shelves accommodate different bottle sizes, ensuring optimal product placement. Properly spaced and organised shelving also enhances ease of access, presenting the products in an uncluttered, attractive manner that encourages impulse purchases.

Come to the team at Fridgesmart for your commercial drinks fridge

Time spent making considered investments is never wasted. Study your customers, think about their buying habits and work out what they want.

How can you make their life easier?

What benefits can you bring to them?

All these factors will help you work out the best commercial drinks fridge for your business. You can take a look at our range of commercial fridges here. If you want expert advice from a team that has worked with many different businesses over the years, we’re on hand to help you.

Whether you’re looking at planning ahead for expansion or need an urgent replacement, we’re here. Call our helpful and friendly Frigesmart team today on 01792 677169.