How energy-efficient multidecks drive sustainable business growth

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While we all strive for business growth, in today’s world, it must be sustainable. Sustainable business growth is healthy and is achieved without depleting the planet’s resources.

In smaller food retail units, energy use – largely by refrigeration equipment – accounts for around 70% of the total running costs. The price of keeping your food and drink cool is significant, which makes investing in equipment that helps keep running costs down essential. However, researching the most energy-efficient refrigeration system can be laborious and time-consuming. At Fridgesmart, we’ve spent time doing this research so you don’t have to. We can help you to make the best decision for your business.

Choosing an energy-efficient multideck today will help you to build a sustainable business for tomorrow. Here’s why…

Keep cool with the latest technology

The engineering and design of newer refrigeration units have made impressive advances in recent years, with the development of more energy-efficient cooling systems. Older fridges were notoriously environmentally unfriendly, both with high energy consumption and the coolants used. The noxious chemicals used to cool the units can lead to problems when disposing of broken or older refrigerators. But the technology is constantly evolving.

HFC gases have replaced the more problematic CFC gases, and a new type of refrigeration called ionocaloric cooling is now firmly on the horizon. It always takes some years before the discoveries in research make it into the commercial sector. At Fridgesmart, we keep ourselves at the forefront of development and innovation to source the best refrigeration systems for our clients.

In March 2021, the Government changed the rating system for refrigeration units to encourage manufacturers to create more energy-efficient solutions. An old rated A+++ became a new B or C, challenging manufacturers to create a new A standard for efficiency. They have certainly risen to the challenge, with many multidecks in our range rated at A or B. So, you have a good choice of energy-efficient multidecks to benefit your business, helping you create a more sustainable future with environmentally friendly refrigeration.

What is an energy-efficient multideck?

Energy-efficient multidecks are commercial refrigeration units that provide effective cooling while minimising energy consumption. They’re commonly used in retail environments such as supermarkets, convenience stores and cafes, to display and store chilled products. The term ‘multideck’ refers to the multiple shelving levels – or decks – inside the unit, which allow for a significant amount of product display space.

These refrigeration units typically have glass doors or open-front designs, enabling customers to see and access the products easily without constantly opening and closing the fridge. The primary focus of an energy-efficient multideck is to reduce energy usage without compromising on cooling performance. They achieve this through various features, such as advanced insulation, energy-saving LED lighting and improved cooling systems. These enhancements ensure that each unit maintains the desired temperature while using minimal energy.

By investing in an energy-efficient multideck, your business can enjoy several benefits, including cost savings on utility bills, reduced environmental impact and compliance with energy efficiency regulations. Moreover, multidecks help enhance the presentation of products, improve customer shopping experiences and contribute to more sustainable and eco-friendly operations.

Reduce costs with energy-efficient multidecks

Investing in an energy-efficient multideck will benefit your bottom line. Modern multidecks are cleverly designed to attract consumers, sell more products and use less energy. An investment in a new multideck, therefore, has the potential to reduce your costs and increase your sales. Combined, this will have a very positive impact on your margins.

Investing in a new multideck is also not the only cost-saving you’ll achieve. The potential loss of stock and business disruption could also be far more costly than upgrading to a new multideck in good time. Ask yourself, what would be the cost and impact on your business of not investing in a new multideck?

How often do you need to have your old one repaired?

Do you have a continuity plan for if your old multideck fails?

Often, it’s a sensible decision to invest in a new multideck before you reach a crisis point. So, invest wisely to create and grow your sustainable business.

Go green – choose an energy-efficient multideck

Consumers are more environmentally savvy than ever. An independent study commissioned by SmartestEnergy revealed that four out of five people are likely to choose a brand with a positive approach to environmental sustainability.

So, your actions as a responsible business owner will determine your business’s future. Making environmentally friendly choices, such as investing in an energy-efficient multideck, will demonstrate that your business is taking practical steps toward reducing its environmental impact. Why not use the opportunity to create some positive PR for your business? Many local news outlets enjoy feel-good stories from local companies.

Or, promote your investment within your store, telling customers and making posters or banners? Customers will appreciate your commitment to creating a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable business and reward you with their loyalty.

Why come to Fridgesmart for your new energy-efficient multideck?

Here at Fridgesmart, we work with businesses of all sizes to ensure they have the best multidecks for their needs. We’re always on hand to discuss your business with you.

Whether you’re looking at upgrading your multideck in the future or need an urgent replacement now, we can help. Our extensive multideck range has been carefully selected for high quality, energy efficiency and optimum design to help you build a sustainable business. 

Take a look at our multideck range or call our helpful and friendly team today on 01792 677169.