How energy-efficient display fridges can boost your bottom line

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Business is hard. With constant pressure on margins, continuously monitoring your business costs and making savings where possible is vital for maintaining profitability.

While improving sales will help to increase the revenue coming into your business, looking at ways to reduce your costs will also make a significant difference towards your bottom line. 

Energy costs tend to be one of the largest expenses for small retailers. They are notoriously high for powering commercial fridges. In the food retail sector, a large proportion of small business energy costs come from running commercial refrigeration units. 

So, investing in modern energy-efficient display fridges will have a positive impact on your energy spending, and ultimately, your profit margin. 

Check the energy efficiency rating of your current commercial fridge. If it’s an older style of display fridge, it could be the right time to consider investing in a more energy-efficient replacement, to help reduce your costs. Here’s why… 

Reduce costs, increase profits

When you’re comparing your current display fridge with a new model, it’s essential to understand how the ratings have changed. A new ratings system came into play in March 2021. 

The change was made to make things clearer for the consumer and to encourage manufacturers to produce more energy-efficient fridges. 

Under the latest ratings system, an old A+++ rated fridge is equivalent to a modern B or C rating. 

So, any display fridge that is rated A or B, will be more efficient and cheaper to run than an older A+++ or A++. 

Energy-efficient display fridges often feature advanced technologies and higher-quality components, which can result in improved reliability, durability and a longer lifespan compared to standard models. Investing in a reliable fridge can help prevent breakdowns and reduce maintenance costs over time.

Modern display fridges help maximise the available space and give your customers a more appealing display which, in turn, will help drive sales. 

Energy-efficient display fridges are also designed to maintain a consistent internal temperature, minimising fluctuations. This is crucial for food safety, as perishable items such as fresh fish, meat, dairy or vegetables, need to be stored at optimal temperatures to preserve their quality and prevent spoilage. Consistency in temperature also reduce food waste and potential losses.

So, investing in a modern display fridge can reduce costs and increase sales, both of which will help improve your bottom line.

Build a sustainable future

Part of running a successful business is building for a sustainable future, not just planning from month to month. 

Building a sustainable business means investing in the best equipment and resources you can, and operate in a way that doesn’t harm the environment or the planet. 

Because running commercial refrigeration requires massive energy consumption, reducing its negative impact is a sensible place to start. Not only will investing in a new commercial display fridge reduce your running costs, it will also position your business as forward-thinking and environmentally friendly. Given that more consumers are making buying decisions based on a business’s environmental credentials, it’s wise to promote the changes you’re making in to embrace a more sustainable future.

Invest in an environmentally friendly fridge for your business

Here at Fridgesmart, we have an excellent range of energy efficient display fridges. They come in a range of different sizes and styles, so you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your business. Modern display fridges are not only a good investment from a cost point of view, but also from a merchandising and customer engagement perspective. 

Our display fridges are carefully designed to offer maximum impact for your displays. From multidecks which can display a whole range of different sized and shaped products, to countertop display fridges for those who are short on space, our display fridges are designed to benefit your business. 

Whether you’re looking ahead and considering investing in a new display fridge ready for the summer months or need a replacement in a hurry, we can help. 

While we would always recommend replacing your old display fridge before it breaks, we appreciate that this isn’t always possible. 

If you urgently need a replacement display fridge, then please speak to our team here at Fridgesmart, and we’ll do our very best to get you up and running again as quickly as possible. 

If you’re planning to upgrade your current display fridge and would like some advice about the best make and model for you, then our helpful and experienced team is always on hand. 

Take a look at our range of display fridges or if you want to speak to our friendly team, then simply call us today on 01792 677169.