Get ready for ice cream season with a new commercial freezer

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Winter is drawing to a close. It’s not yet peak ice cream season, and it won’t be for two or three months. But that means now is the time to prepare.

Selling ice cream requires a commercial freezer – specifically, an ice cream freezer. These are carefully designed to keep your product fresh and showcase it to the public, driving sales and impulse buys.

On this page, we’ve compiled several categories of ice cream freezers and explained why each one might be for you. Let’s get into it!

Option 1: Ventilated Scoop Ice Cream Freezers

Ventilated scoop ice cream freezers are for the premium stuff. When you have top quality, locally (or even in-house) produced artisan ice cream, you’ll need a top-of-the-range freezer to display it and maintain its taste and consistency.

Staff access a ventilated scoop ice cream freezer from the rear, scooping ice cream out to hand over to the customer. Unsurprisingly, designs focus heavily on humidity control and air circulation, helping to avoid crystallisation, which can wreck the texture and mouthfeel of delicate, creamy desserts.

Ventilated scoop ice cream freezers would be most appropriate in parlours, large cafes and delis. They also come in a wide range of sizes to suit all budgets.

Option 2: Static Cooling Ice Cream Freezers

Static cooling ice cream freezers are like ventilated scoop units but a little simpler. They’re designed for maximising sales. The ergonomics help showcase your product to maximum effect. At the same time, the large sizes mean you can hold a more stock at any given time.

Again, static cooling ice cream freezers should be used with tubs of ice cream, with staff scooping it out for customers. You’ll find a wide range of available sizes and dimensions, so get the right one to suit your business, menu and premises.

Option 3: Sliding Lid Ice Cream Freezers

Sliding lid ice cream freezers are a simple setup. Plug them into a wall socket and fill them with pre-packed ice creams, ice lollies and other frozen snacks, so your customers can help themselves. 

Designed to be customer-facing, sliding lid ice cream freezers are naturally durable. Although they’re created to showcase your products, the ice creams usually sell themselves as impulse buys. When it’s a hot day, customers simply can’t resist one.

For this reason, we recommend sliding lid ice cream freezers for corner shops, small supermarkets, cafes, takeaways, and other small- to medium-sized businesses.

Option 4: Under Counter Ice Cream Freezers

An under counter ice cream freezer can do whatever you need. By definition, they’re small, but you could place them anywhere. On top of the counter, underneath it, near the till, out the back as a prep freezer – the possibilities are endless.

Of course, under counter freezers can’t hold nearly as much product as some units mentioned earlier. However, they’re great for impulse buys, especially when placed at eye level somewhere near the checkout.

Consider one of these if you operate a small café, grab and go/self-service kiosk or corner shop.

Option 5: Mobile Ice Cream Freezers

A mobile ice cream freezer is self-explanatory. These are built with outdoor use in mind. You typically connect them to a tricycle, head out to a busy area such as a market square, and let the customers come to you.

Mobile ice cream freezers are a brilliant way to complete many sales in a very short period. Sellers love the adaptability and social aspect of offloading their product this way. However, the only downside is that you’re naturally dependent on the weather. If it’s a rainy day – in fact, if it’s simply not sunny – the sales potential is much less.

Getting ahead of the game

The ice cream market is really competitive. Customers will deliberately head to stores that stock it when the weather warms up in a couple of months. Impulse buys will also rise dramatically.

In this first-come-first-served market, being ready for the season is crucial to make a profit. Getting an excellent commercial freezer is part of it, but the rest comes down to strategic planning, the quality of the goods, prices, and a smidgen of luck.

Here at Fridgesmart, we’ve been providing the best commercial ice cream freezers to our clients for decades. Each of our units is tried and tested, and we put our confidence behind each one.

If your ice cream parlour, café, restaurant, takeaway, buffet, or mobile business needs an ice cream freezer, we can help. Our vast inventory allows us to ship nationwide (and even to Europe), offering a next-day delivery option. Our products come with an in-depth warranty (although we’re sure you won’t need to use it).

Use the Live Chat feature to contact one of our experts. We’re online during regular working hours and ready to help with whatever you need. Alternatively, drop us a line at or call us on 01792 677169. We look forward to hearing from you.