Five things to consider when buying a refrigerated display

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Buying a refrigerated display is more complex than it sounds. There are many things to consider, and getting it right first time saves both time and money.

A refrigerated display maximises the visual appeal of your produce. In turn, this pushes more impulse buys and drives up sales revenue. You could use them to showcase freshly-baked goods, sandwiches, drinks, pies, and so on.

This article explains five things you should consider before purchasing a refrigerated display. Let’s get into it.

1. Aesthetics and style

The most important thing for your business to consider is how the display fridge matches your current aesthetic. It should blend in (to some extent) but also draw the eye with an attractive design. If it stands out like a sore thumb or blends into the wall, something’s wrong.

A well-designed display will come with clever LED lighting (see below) and should be an appealing shape and colour. At Fridgesmart, we stock high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing refrigerated displays that we’re sure will match any business’s style.

2. Size

Does your refrigerated display fit in your business premises? What about if it’s too large for the countertop you want to place it on? Maybe it’s actually too small?

Either way, getting the size right is, of course, crucial. It’s a waste of your valuable time to send a refrigerated display back and exchange it for a new one.

An excellent way to capitalise on space is to go with upright displays. These allow you to showcase much more per square foot of floor area. If your shop or café is on the smaller size, we’d definitely recommend going this route.

Once the external dimensions are sorted, you should also consider internal space. Bigger models will naturally contain more produce. However, how much do you need it to hold? If you don’t have much to store in it, there’s no need to buy a huge one and waste money on energy bills.

3. Shelving options

The shelving options in a refrigerated display factor into space. More shelves mean more area to hold your stock, ready to sell.

If you have a large number of smaller items, you should look for more shelves (or at least the option to have more). If your business focuses on larger products, you’ll want fewer shelves.

Many refrigerated displays come with customisable shelving options. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we help in this regard.

When you display your products on shelves, be careful to not overcrowd or understock. Both of these will have a negative impact. It will be essential to have your employees keep it stocked up constantly.

4. Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is evermore crucial, especially during the current cost-of-living crisis. The less electricity the unit draws, the better.

Refrigerator displays use electricity at the lights, the fans, and the refrigerant compressor. You’ll find energy ratings for each model – these might impact your decision. Look for energy-efficient fans and LED lighting.

In general, the best way to manage energy efficiency is to get a refrigerated display that’s precisely the correct size. If the unit has a lot of empty space with no produce, you’ll be paying to cool this air for no reason. Don’t go too big for no reason.

5. Lighting

Lighting fits straight into style and aesthetics. It’s also related to energy efficiency, as mentioned. LED lights are by far the most friendly to your utility bill and the environment.

Lighting should be subtle and lightly coloured. They’re usually placed around the display’s base to illuminate the products above. You’ll usually find them in white or light blue to promote freshness, although bespoke options are always available. Drop us an email or give us a ring to learn more about these.

We’re confident that all our refrigerated displays come with professional, aesthetically appealing lighting. However, it’s still best to find what closely matches your business’s style.

How can Fridgesmart help?

Fridgesmart has been one of the UK’s leading suppliers of commercial refrigerators since its founding four decades ago. We have a unique point of view built by our experience, meaning we know exactly what works (and what doesn’t).

Our friendly team will be happy to offer any advice you need regarding refrigerated displays. We’ll have a commitment-free chat about your business, brand, and the space you have available. Our dedicated staff can then recommend specific models and potential customisations.

With unrivalled aftersales support, a Lowest Price Guarantee, and next-day delivery, we’ll do all we can to help your business grow.

To contact us, use the Live Chat in the corner of your screen. Alternatively, drop us an email ( or give us a ring at 01792 677169. We look forward to your message and helping you on your commercial refrigeration journey.