Five reasons to invest in a serveover counter

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A serveover counter can be an excellent addition to your business. These versatile refrigerated units are usually found in food retail settings such as delicatessens, bakeries and cafes.

They’re designed to keep food items chilled while allowing customers to view and select products, and staff to serve from behind the counter. They’re perfect for displaying and storing items like sandwiches, salads, cold meats, cheeses and chilled desserts, helping to maintain food quality and safety while presenting products attractively to customers.

Whether you have an existing serveover unit that you’re looking to upgrade for a more modern one or want to improve your customer experience with this addition, serveover counters can bring real benefit to your business. Here we take a look at the top five reasons to invest in a serveover counter and the advantages it could bring.

Enhanced product visibility

People don’t buy what they can’t see. Serveover counters are an easy and practical way to showcase your products and encourage sales. Whether you have a small specialist cheese range or an amazing array of delicious cakes, being able to display these will help drive sales. A serveover counter will give you the ideal space and layout to create an enticing and engaging display.

Encourage impulse buys

Impulse buys represent a large and often untapped, sector of the market. Most impulse buys are driven by what people see. So, a customer queuing to buy a cup of afternoon tea will be tempted by that slice of coffee cake, and a customer buying sliced ham for a picnic might see some nice olives and add them to their purchase. Having the space within a serveover counter to show the range you offer will help encourage impulse buys.

Easy customer interaction

In our virtual and hectic world, people appreciate conversation and time. Being able to easily engage and communicate with your customers will make them feel more connected and more valued. This, in turn, will promote brand loyalty and consequently, increase the lifetime value of your customers. Set your business up in such a way that you can talk to your customers easily. A serveover counter can make this possible.

Good food hygiene

Don’t underestimate the importance of good food hygiene. A high-quality serveover will keep your food in the optimal conditions and at the right temperature. If you have an older serveover, you may find it suffers from fluctuating temperatures, which can impact the flavour and quality of your food. Storing your food correctly is vital. Poor food hygiene will have a detrimental impact on your business.

Improve sales with investment in a serveover

How you display your produce and how encourage your customers to browse and interact with you will have a massive impact on your sales and bottom line. Spend time observing your customers. Where do they walk? Where do they wait? Which displays catch their eyes? What do they spend their money on? Once you’ve evaluated your customers’ behaviour, you’ll be able to make a considered business decision about the best type of serveover for your business. Consider what you are going to display within your serveover, as we offer different types of serveovers designed for different produce. Think about where you are going to place your serveover counter to optimise the potential of the investment. Consider how your customers behave, and make changes to capitalise on their behaviour and buying habits. If you have an older serveover and are thinking of upgrading it, then consider that older models are inevitably less energy-efficient, so will cost more to run. The modern styles are designed to be more economical and follow the new energy ratings that come into force in March 2021. Under this new rating system, an old A+++ became a new B or C, so you’ll find that newer models represent a greater saving on their older counterparts. Invest in a modern serveover counter to save money and increase sales.

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