Excell FDP-110 Scale & Tower

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front and tower style (pole mounted) rear LCD displays showing weight, price per Kg. / 100g. and price to pay. The FDP110 15/30 Kg. model is available with standard flat plate or with large scoop for fruit & veg. The 3/6 Kg. model is available with either flat plate or small scoop suitable for confectionery etc. The scales operate from an internal rechargeable battery for up to 200 hours per charge, or directly from mains. The FDP 110 represents exceptionally good value for money.
Capacity choices 6 Kg. to 30 Kg.

This product is a consistent best seller for us as it has proved to be very reliable. It has all the basic features needed for use in retail shops, restaurants, cafes, delis etc. and is very simple to operate.

*'Dual range' scales display weights of up to approximately half the overall capacity with a greater sensitivity.

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