Commercial refrigerator maintenance tips

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Commercial refrigerators need regular maintenance to ensure that they’re always operating at their optimum efficiency. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and checking the relevant parts will help to extend the life of your commercial refrigerator. A commercial refrigerator that’s correctly looked after will be more energy efficient and cost less to run. A commercial refrigerator that’s clogged, or damaged will be working harder to keep the correct temperature, which can prove costly. If you maintain your commercial refrigerator, it will be less likely to break down unexpectedly. Refrigerator breakdowns can prove disruptive and expensive. Doing the best you can to prevent this is a sensible business practice.

Protect your investment

A commercial refrigerator represents a sizeable investment in your business. You’re investing in ensuring that the food and drink you use in your business are kept at the right temperature. This helps to preserve the quality as well as extend the shelf life of the produce. Looking after your ingredients is a crucial part of running a successful food or drink business. When you invest in a good quality commercial refrigerator you want to maintain it, so that it will last for many years, and optimise the value of your investment. Regular maintenance of your commercial refrigerator will help to extend it’s life and protect your investment.

Why does maintenance extend the life of your commercial refrigerator?

Commercial refrigerators should be regularly cleaned. This gives you the opportunity to check for any damage or signs of wear in and around your commercial refrigerator. The interior should be cleaned at least every week. The refrigerator coils, both the condenser and evaporator coil, should be cleaned every few months, or per the manufacturer’s instructions. Build up of dust, grease or debris will cause the coils to work inefficiently and put more pressure upon the refrigerator. You must clean and check the gaskets and seals regularly. These can spilt or warp, but can be easily replaced if damaged, and they are vital to maintain the correct temperature in the refrigerator. Check the air filter regularly, and clean the drain pans and tubes. Any component in your refrigerator that can be clogged with dust or grease should be cleaned. Keeping all the vital components of the refrigerator in good working order will help your refrigerator run efficiently. Regular maintenance also gives you the chance to spot a problem before it develops, so you can replace the damaged part before the refrigerator breaks down. Part of the maintenance of a commercial refrigerator is checking that all the parts are working correctly and haven’t become damaged or worn.

Save energy with regular maintenance checks

A commercial refrigerator that isn’t maintained may continue to work. However, clogged filters and coils will cause the refrigerator to work harder to maintain the correct temperature. The harder the commercial refrigerator has to work, the more power it will consume to achieve the same temperature. This extra power consumption will translate to an increase in your energy bill. Keeping up to date with your maintenance schedule will help your commercial refrigerator to run economically, efficiently and affordably. Modern commercial refrigerators have been designed to run extremely efficiently, and if you are investing in a modern commercial refrigerator to help reduce your monthly costs, then it’s important that you look after it to ensure that you’re making the most of your investment.

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