Blizzard Refrigeration & Catering Equipment

Blizzard is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high-quality commercial refrigeration and catering equipment. Known for quality and consistency across a wide range of product categories, the company offers everything from grills to fridges and display units – we’re proud to stock a full selection of Blizzard products at Fridgesmart, all at competitive prices.

In addition to supplying an impressive selection of catering equipment, the company caters to all budgets and requirements with several options available in each category: for instance, the HSS heated merchandiser product line features the HSS96, the HSS136, and the HSS186, ensuring that you can find a unit that fits your serving counter perfectly at the right price. This is just one example of how the experts at Blizzard manufacture excellent products with the end-user in mind. 

Browse our full collection of units below and order today to benefit from our convenient next day delivery service.

For further information about our selection of Blizzard refrigeration and catering equipment, get in touch today or contact our sales team on 0115 9413640.


Blizzard BBM1 Bain Marie Blizzard BBM1 Bain Marie £199.00+VAT£238.80inc VAT BCM1000 BCM1000 £215.00+VAT£258.00inc VAT Blizzard BCM1800 Blizzard BCM1800 £495.00+VAT£594.00inc VAT BLIZZARD BCO1 BLIZZARD BCO1 £350.00+VAT£420.00inc VAT Blizzard BCT2 Blizzard BCT2 £375.00+VAT£450.00inc VAT Blizzard BG1 Blizzard BG1 £199.00+VAT£238.80inc VAT Blizzard BG2 Blizzard BG2 £275.00+VAT£330.00inc VAT BLIZZARD BRRCG1 BLIZZARD BRRCG1 £199.00+VAT£238.80inc VAT Blizzard BRRCG2 Blizzard BRRCG2 £275.00+VAT£330.00inc VAT Blizzard BRSCG1 Blizzard BRSCG1 £199.00+VAT£238.80inc VAT Blizzard BRSCG2 Blizzard BRSCG2 £275.00+VAT£330.00inc VAT Blizzard BSG1 Blizzard BSG1 £215.00+VAT£258.00inc VAT Blizzard CTH137 Blizzard CTH137 £450.00+VAT£540.00inc VAT Blizzard CTH97 Blizzard CTH97 £380.00+VAT£456.00inc VAT Blizzard Hott 1 Blizzard Hott 1 £445.00+VAT£534.00inc VAT Blizzard Hott2 Blizzard Hott2 £495.00+VAT£594.00inc VAT Blizzard  HSS136 Blizzard HSS136 £490.00+VAT£588.00inc VAT Blizzard HSS186 Blizzard HSS186 £590.00+VAT£708.00inc VAT Blizzard HSS96 Blizzard HSS96 £420.00+VAT£504.00inc VAT BLIZZARD FMx20 BLIZZARD FMx20 £650.00+VAT£780.00inc VAT Misc Shelf Misc Shelf from £0.00+VAT£0.00inc VAT
Special Offer
BLIZZARD GB3-COLD BLIZZARD GB3-COLD £1275.00+VAT£1530.00inc VAT BLIZZARD GB4-COLD BLIZZARD GB4-COLD £1415.00+VAT£1698.00inc VAT Blizzard GB6-Cold Blizzard GB6-Cold £1999.80+VAT£2399.76inc VAT Blizzard Grab Range Blizzard Grab Range from £1199.00+VAT£1438.80inc VAT Blizzard LBP Blizzard LBP £1255.00+VAT£1506.00inc VAT BCC PREPGRANITE-ECO BCC PREPGRANITE-ECO from £645.00+VAT£774.00inc VAT BLIZZARD BPB BLIZZARD BPB from £1165.20+VAT£1398.24inc VAT BLIZZARD BPB 7N Range BLIZZARD BPB 7N Range from £1399.00+VAT£1678.80inc VAT BLIZZARD ZETA BLIZZARD ZETA from £1065.00+VAT£1278.00inc VAT BLIZZARD DC BLIZZARD DC from £1150.00+VAT£1380.00inc VAT BLIZZARD SHAD BLIZZARD SHAD from £1195.00+VAT£1434.00inc VAT BLIZZARD COLDT1 BLIZZARD COLDT1 £535.00+VAT£642.00inc VAT BLIZZARD COLDT2 BLIZZARD COLDT2 £575.00+VAT£690.00inc VAT BLIZZARD SDR BLIZZARD SDR £465.00+VAT£558.00inc VAT BLIZZARD HBP700 BLIZZARD HBP700 £1135.00+VAT£1362.00inc VAT