Are multidecks energy efficient?

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Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important for businesses and consumers alike. Rising fuel costs and the public shift towards greener living are driving this change.

More and more consumers are becoming aware of their own carbon footprints and those of the businesses they use. As a responsible business, you’ll be aware that investing in more energy-efficient refrigeration units will be better for your profit margin… and the planet. Choosing a modern multideck is an energy-efficient choice, as modern ranges are substantially more energy-efficient than their older counterparts.

How to choose the best multideck for your business

You know your business and you know your customers. Studying their buying habits and the type of products you sell will help you choose the right multideck for your retail unit. Our range of multidecks includes an array of different sizes and designs, but choosing between an open-fronted multideck or one with glass doors is an important consideration. In terms of energy efficiency, the glass door ones are significantly better. With their sleek, modern design and minimal framework, they’re inviting and engaging for the customer. It’s easy to choose an item without opening the door, and the doors are easy to use, making the whole buying process as simple as possible.

An open-fronted multideck will always be the simplest, particularly for a grab-and-go type store, for customers in a hurry. However, even the newest models, while being far more energy efficient than the older style open-fronted multidecks, are still less efficient than ones with glass doors. It’s your responsibility as a savvy business operator to balance out the cost savings versus the needs of your customers. You may decide that having two multidecks works best, with a very small open-fronted for the grab-and-go market, and a larger glass door version for your other products.

Energy efficiency ratings

When we talk about energy ratings, it’s essential to remember that the energy rating system changed in March 2021. The new energy rating scheme was introduced to encourage manufacturers to design increasingly more energy-efficient fridges and freezers. Previously, many fridges had been rated A+++ or A++, which was unclear and confusing for consumers. With the new rating system, an old A+++ became a new B or C. Already manufacturers are designing fridges which are rated A under the new system, which means that with the latest technology, we’re constantly improving the efficiency of refrigeration. Consider the energy difference between different models of multidecks, for example, a glass door multideck, such as the Tefcold PC-B Range Multideck with doors, is rated a B, whereas the Tefcold Galaxy Open Range White is rated an E. This difference translates into a sizeable saving on your energy bill, especially given that the average small food business spends an incredible 70% of its running costs on energy, the bulk of which is refrigeration.

Go green for better business

Upgrading your current multidecks, even if you choose to stick with the open-fronted units, will still bring cost savings to your bottom line. If you decide to change from an open-fronted to a glass door multideck, it can be worth publicising this move to your customers and pointing out the positive effect this will have on your carbon footprint. Consumers are becoming far more aware of the impact of their own consumption on the planet, and will now consciously seek out greener businesses. This positive PR should more than outweigh any pushback you receive due to changing your multidecks. You may even win new customers, who are pleased with your positive greener business stance.

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