Are low-cost freezers worth the investment?

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Low cost doesn’t automatically mean low quality. While the general rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for, sometimes you can find a bargain that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Here at Fridgesmart, we understand that not everyone will have a large budget available to invest in their freezers, so we’ve researched the freezer market to find the best quality low-cost freezers for our customers. As with all our freezers and fridges we choose carefully which manufacturers and models we offer to our customers, and do extensive research to ensure we offer high-quality products, that are well-designed and well-engineered using first-rate materials. However, we are aware that we needed to find a good quality freezer at a lower cost, for our customers who were on a tighter budget and didn’t have the resources to invest in a more expensive model. We have carefully chosen freezers that will still perform well, and are still a good investment. Freezers that are well-designed and manufactured, just with a smaller price tag. For example, the BLIZZARD single-door freezer will only set you back just over the thousand-pound mark, making it the ideal investment for the savvy business owner.

What are the benefits of low-cost freezers?

Low-cost freezers can be the ideal option for many businesses. Start-ups, or those with limited capital for expansion, may be wise to choose a cheaper model than to overstretch themselves at a crucial point of their business growth. Remember many businesses fail in the first few years simply because of cash flow issues, so choosing how to spend your hard-earned capital is incredibly important. Strategic decision-making is the bedrock of a stable and successful business. The BLIZZARD freezers that we have chosen to offer to our customers are well-made, simple, practical and usable. They have been designed to be functional and affordable, rather than elegant and expensive. Often, in business, there can be many areas where you want to invest, and choosing where best to spend your money, at that time, can be tricky. Having the option to choose a low-cost but good-quality freezer that will do exactly what you need could free up some budget to invest in a marketing campaign to drive your business forward. We want our customers to be able to purchase a high-quality freezer, without the high price tag.

Choosing the right freezer for your business

It’s important to spend time choosing the best freezer for your business. Consider what you want to stock in your freezer, where you want to locate it, and how your customers shop. We have different-sized freezers, from the BLIZZARD single-door freezer to the BLIZZARD triple glass door freezer, so that whatever size of freezer you need, we have an affordable freezer for you. When planning your investment, you may decide to choose a smaller display freezer for an important area of your retail unit, with a larger, more affordable backup freezer. Think about the layout of your unit, and see if you could compromise on your ideal setup, to find a more affordable solution. Your business will change over time, and your freezer requirements will also change, so make sure that you are planning ahead for the coming years, not just the short term.

Maintaining your freezer to optimise your investment

Even a low-cost freezer is still an investment. So, don’t dismiss the need to maintain your freezer just because it wasn’t as expensive. Our BLIZZARD range, just like the other freezers that we sell, will benefit from regular maintenance, helping them to last for many years. Maintenance helps to spot a problem before it develops, which can help to prevent breakdowns and extend the life of your freezer. A low-cost well-maintained freezer will be an excellent investment for your business for many years to come.

Regularly inspect the door seals for wear; faulty seals waste energy and compromise temperature consistency. Defrost the unit periodically, as excessive ice build-up strains the compressor and consumes extra electricity. Clean the condenser coils every few months, or per the manufacturer’s instructions, to promote effective heat transfer. Ensure the freezer’s interior and exterior are cleaned frequently, using mild detergent and warm water, to prevent odours and bacterial growth. Always ensure proper ventilation around the unit, keeping it away from walls or obstructions.

Lastly, schedule professional maintenance checks annually to identify potential issues before they escalate. Diligent care optimises freezer performance, saving energy and costs.

Choose a low-cost freezer from Fridgesmart for your business

If you’re on a restricted budget and are looking for a new or replacement freezer for your business, take a look at our range of freezers. We aim to supply high-quality freezers that suit every budget so that all our customers can be confident in their investments. We work with many businesses, of different sizes and from different sectors, and will always offer help and advice if required. Our friendly and helpful team is always on hand to answer any questions that you may have about your freezers, simply call us today on 01792 677169.