What are the different types of ice cream fridges?

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With the summer months fast approaching and the days becoming longer, it’s time to start thinking about your business potential for the summer.

An ice cream fridge can be a lucrative investment.

Think about your customer base, and whether an ice cream fridge could be a good fit for your customer profile? Perhaps your current ice cream fridge could do with upgrading, to be able to expand the range you offer, or even stock new products?

Whatever your business position, we have the ideal ice cream fridge for you.

Will my business benefit from an ice cream fridge?

The UK’s ice cream market is worth more than £700m in sales revenue, and you could tap into a portion of this market. Ice cream is often an impulse buy, so a strategically located ice cream fridge could prove to be an excellent investment for your business.

Are you located near a park or playground? Do you cater to lunchtime office workers? Or are you running a rural farm shop?

Each business will benefit from a different type of ice cream fridge. Analyse your customers, and work out what would appeal to their demographic. If you have an older model of ice cream fridge, you might find that upgrading to a newer model will give good energy-saving gains in the longer term. Refrigeration is notoriously expensive, and given that the average smaller business will spend 70% of its outgoings on power, investing in a more energy-efficient ice cream unit is a wise decision. Newer models are not only more energy efficient but also benefit from a more streamlined design, which will give you more usable space for your store’s footprint.

When it comes to unit style, there are several types of ice cream fridges to choose from, including:

  • Static cooling unit - These maintain a consistent temperature throughout the interior, making them ideal for storing pre-packaged ice cream tubs and lollies. They often feature a glass lid or door for easy viewing and access to the contents.
  • Ventilated scoop unit - Designed for ice cream parlours and shops, these units feature a ventilated cooling system that keeps ice cream at the perfect scooping temperature. They typically have a sliding glass lid on top, allowing staff to easily scoop ice cream into cones or tubs for serving.
  • Sliding lid freezers - Similar to ventilated scoop units, these freezers feature a sliding glass lid on top for easy access to ice cream tubs. They’re often used in ice cream shops and cafes, as they allow customers to view the available flavours while keeping the ice cream at a proper temperature.
  • Mobile ice cream freezer - These compact, portable freezers are perfect for ice cream vans, pop-up shops and outdoor events. They’re easily transported and can be powered by a vehicle or mains electricity, depending on the model.
  • Under counter ice cream freezers - As the name suggests, these freezers fit under a counter or workspace, making them a space-saving option for ice cream shops, cafes and restaurants. They often feature a sliding lid or glass door for easy access to the ice cream inside.

Which ice cream fridge would be best for me?

Once you’ve identified your target market, you can choose the best ice cream fridge for your business. If you’re running a farm shop with a pleasant outdoor area, then a scoop unit could work well, giving you the chance to sell a high-end home-produced ice cream. If you run a busy retail business near a local park, then single-wrapped ice cream would be best for you. If you’re currently selling ready meals to people on their way home from work, then adding a range of ice cream to take home could be beneficial. We have an extensive range of different units, so you can choose the best one for your business. We even offer mobile ice cream units, if you want to capitalise on a captive audience such as near a school, park or playground. Whatever your business aims and ambitions are, we’ll have the best ice cream fridge for you.

How to optimise your ice cream fridge to maximise business potential

If you have an old ice cream fridge, now’s the time to upgrade it. A breakdown of your old unit could prove costly, through both lost products and sales. It’s easy to lose customers. If you were without an ice cream fridge for a period, your customers could well find another place to buy their ice creams, and you could potentially lose them as future customers. If you have an existing unit, it’s wise to get it thoroughly serviced before the summer months, so you’re fully prepared.

It isn’t just choosing the right unit that’s important, but the location of the ice cream fridge. Think about your customer flow, and bear in mind that ice cream purchases are often impulse buys. A well-placed ice cream fridge near your till point will always attract more engagement than a unit placed at the back of your store in a poorly lit area.

Come to Fridgesmart for your ice cream fridge

All our ice cream fridges are carefully chosen for their high-quality design and manufacture. When we work with you, we don’t just sell a product, but provide ongoing support and advice to help you choose the best ice cream fridge to maximise your business potential. Take a look at our range of ice cream fridges, or if you want advice from our experienced team about the best unit your business, speak to our friendly and helpful team. Call us today on 01792 677169.