Why autumn’s the best time to invest in a new multideck

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As a successful business owner, you’ll always be looking for the best time to invest in your business, where the investment will make the most difference. Autumn is an excellent time to choose to upgrade your multideck. The summer sun is fading away and people’s thoughts are turning to winter. From the ginger and cinnamon flavours of the cooler months to turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce at Christmas, and filling snacks to fuel us on bracing winter walks. Whatever your business is, your customers will be pulling out their jumpers and embracing the changing seasons. So pack away your ice creams and focus on winter flavours, and enhance sales with a new multideck.

Take advantage of seasonal sales

Many suppliers have seasonal sales where you can get a great bargain. If you’ve been looking at multidecks over the summer and thinking about how they could add value to your business, then now’s a good time to look out for sales. Take a look at our multideck range and see if you can find the best price. Often manufacturers need to clear out summer stock ready to make way for the winter ranges, so changes of seasons can be an excellent time to make purchases for your business. You can even plan for changes you want to implement for next summer and purchase the resources that you need now, taking advantage of the price drops. So, even if you don’t think that a multideck will add value to your business over the winter months, you might decide that it would be extremely beneficial to have it in place ready for next summer, and now might just be the best time to buy.

Prepare for your winter stock

Whatever food or drink you sell, you’ll need to prepare for the winter market. People’s tastes change in the winter, they move away from the light and refreshing flavours of the summer, into the heavier, richer flavours of the winter. Different products require different shelving. Our modern multidecks have adjustable shelving to give you many different display options. You can create eye-catching displays with our multidecks, to promote new winter ranges and capture the attention of your customers. Think about the stock levels of your summer products, and how these are displayed, so that you’re not left with surplus stock at the end of the season. Modern multidecks can help your marketing and promotion, so whether you need to shift the remnants of your summer stock or promote new winter flavours or brands, our multidecks will help to improve your sales potential.

Invest in new technology to save money

One of the biggest reasons that people choose to upgrade their multideck is to save money. Older multidecks and refrigeration units can be extremely expensive to run and have a large environmental footprint. In March 2021 a new energy rating system came into effect with an old A+++ becoming equivalent to a new B or C rating. So, if you bought your multideck in 2020 as an A+++, you can vastly increase the energy efficiency of your multideck by upgrading to a modern A-rated unit. Not only this, but as multidecks and refrigeration units get older, they begin to run less efficiently. Regular maintenance will help to prevent this and replacing worn parts will extend the life of the unit. However even with regular maintenance, an older unit will be using more energy, which is both bad for your environmental impact and for your monthly energy costs. Given that it’s estimated that 70% of the running costs of a small business comes from its energy consumption, this can be a crucial area to invest in to improve the profitability of your business.

Choose your new multideck today with Fridgesmart

Today is the best time to choose your new multideck. Take advantage of our seasonal sale and make the investment in your business go further. Here at Fridgesmart, we make sure that all the multidecks and refrigeration that we supply are engineered with high-grade materials, and that the design is second to none. We appreciate that not all businesses have a large amount of capital to invest in new multidecks and refrigeration systems, so we always make sure that our range appeals to all budgets. Take a look at all that we have to offer, no matter the size or scale of your business. Our full range of multidecks is here. If you’re unsure of the best multideck for your business, we’re always here to discuss this with you. Our experienced team is always happy to help, and our years of knowledge will help us to help you. Simply call our friendly and helpful team today on 01792 677169.