What’s the ideal temperature for storing and displaying ice cream?

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The ice cream sector is a fast-growing market. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or considering adding ice creams to your offering, it’s worth making sure you know how to keep your frozen treats in tip-top condition.

The main issue with keeping ice cream tasty and delicious is to keep the temperature consistently at the correct range. Fluctuating temperatures cause ice crystals to form which can impair the ice cream’s consistency and taste. Ice cream also needs to be packaged correctly, as leaving it exposed can cause freezer burn.

Furthermore, different types of ice cream need to be stored at different temperatures, to optimise their condition. Single-wrapped ice cream freezers will generally range between -14°C and -24°C and their contents should be stored at a temperature lower than -18°C. Soft scoop ice cream display freezers will generally operate with a range between -12°C and -18°C. The low temperatures create the perfect consistency to scoop and serve ice cream without it becoming too soft. When you’re planning for your new ice cream unit, it’s important to be very clear about your target market, and which type of ice cream you want to sell.

Tap into the profitable ice cream market

The ice cream market is worth an impressive £710m in the UK, so it’s definitely worth considering as a new avenue of sales. If you already have an ice cream display unit, then make sure you get it ready in good time before the summer months. Think about your customers, your location and your average footfall, and then you can work out the best type of ice cream freezer for your location.

If you sell high-end ready meals, you could sell a premium ice cream to eat at home with dinner. If you’re near a school or playground, then a strategically placed unit with a range of cheerful, kid-friendly ice creams is the perfect idea. If you’re close to a nice green area with benches for seating, or you already run a successful café, then why not consider a scoop display unit? There are many artisan ice creams from local producers that are extremely popular during the summer months.

Go green with a modern ice cream freezer

As you know, the majority of running costs of a small business can come from energy consumption. Refrigeration represents a significant proportion of this energy use. Older units are notoriously power hungry, and can easily push up your electricity bill. Older units tend to not be as well designed as their more modern counterparts, meaning your customers are more likely to stand with the doors open to look inside, compared to the new units which are designed for maximum visibility.

A modern ice cream display fridge will be more economical to run and less likely to have issues with temperature consistency, which can affect your ice cream’s flavour, texture and quality.

Maintain your ice cream freezer

One of the crucial rules for maintaining your ice cream quality is to regularly check the freezer’s temperature. It can take a only few degrees of fluctuation and a few short hours to impair the taste and consistency of the ice creams. Regular checks can help prevent damage to your stock and potential loss of sales.

Before the summer season starts, make sure you service any existing ice cream freezers, so that you can be confident they’re in good condition before the start of the sunny days. Check all the seals and working parts, such as filters and coils, per the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you have invested in a new ice cream display unit, regular maintenance and servicing will help to prolong its service life.

Get summer ready with an ice cream freezer from Fridgesmart

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