What’s the best refrigeration for a takeaway?

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Does your takeaway shop need a set of updated fridges? Perhaps you’re starting from scratch and looking for the most recommended models on the market? Whether you own a fish and chip shop, a sandwich store, a deli market, or a smoothie outlet, we’ve got you covered. There’s something for everyone. It’s simply a question of finding it.

Don’t worry. We’ve worked with small food outlets like yours for decades across the UK. We know from experience what works and what might not. In this blog post, we’ve compiled an overview of the best refrigeration units for a takeaway. Let’s get started.

Different types of takeaway refrigeration

So, what’s the best type of fridge or chiller for a takeaway? Well, that depends on the food or drink you’re selling. It’s also dependent on your available space, your menu variety, and whether the unit is for the front-of-house or the kitchen. Perhaps those are one and the same in your business?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ here. The best takeaway refrigeration for you might differ from the best one for someone else. This article divides refrigeration types into two categories: the front-of-house and the kitchen (or the back). Bear in mind this should be a bespoke solution for your business. For tailored advice, contact us for a commitment-free, friendly chat.

The best fridges for your takeaway kitchen

If your refrigeration units are for your cooks and not for display, your focus will most likely be practicality. In general, upright storage fridges are a better use of space than low-lying or chest units. Regarding floor area, uprights store the most amount of ingredients or stock ready for use. Different units come with customisable aspects, such as the number of shelves and their depths. Finally, measuring how much space you really need is essential. Don’t forget to take into account planned business expansions, too. A fridge that’s too large uses too much energy. If it’s too small, you’ll limit your capacity or have to purchase another one.

There’s also usually no need for any sort of display fridge if it’s just for your kitchen. Display fridges trade energy efficiency for an enticing aesthetic, encouraging customers to buy your products. There’s no need for these out back.

We’d recommend checking out our range of solid door fridges. There are options to suit all budgets, size requirements, and shelving types. Use the space efficiently to make room for whatever you need: meat, salad, pre-cooked foods, etc. If you run a prep-intensive business, check out the catering fridges. These come with a dedicated workspace and mean all your ingredients are right there to hand. The downside? It might not be such a good use of space.

What refrigeration is best for the front-of-house in a takeaway?

Your takeaway might sell fresh products straight out of the refrigerator. For example, sandwiches, smoothies, cakes, salads, platters, and so on. The difference between high and poor sales figures could be getting the right unit. It’s best to focus on appearance and aesthetics. Look at display fridges, including multidecks. At the same time, the model should be practical, energy-efficient (to a point), and suitable for your available space. Consider which units best match your pre-existing brand, too.

We stock a wide range of different display fridges at Fridgesmart. These include models created explicitly for different types of produce. For example, we have bottle coolers and cake fridges. You’ll find units for showing off meat and fish or buffets. Whatever your takeaway sells, there’s a display refrigerator that’s right for you.

Ask for bespoke solutions from Fridgesmart

At Fridgesmart, we pride ourselves on offering the best commercial fridge and freezer supplies on the UK market. We send our goods throughout the country and provide next-day delivery on almost everything. The units we supply also have a warranty for your peace of mind.

There are many ways we could help. For example, why not take advantage of our free-to-use, obligation-free online chat service? Our friendly staff are always happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the best fridge for your takeaway.

Do you still need more information? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll do all we can to support you as you invest in your business’s future growth.