Five tips to improve your commercial fridges’ efficiency

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When it comes to the running costs of your business, you must squeeze every drop of savings out you possibly can. Power-wise, commercial fridges are just as much a drain on a company budget as anything else that has to run. So, when looking at ways to improve your commercial fridges’ efficiency, it’s essential to do all within your power to bring costs down.

While any professional refrigeration equipment will be more efficient than a domestic appliance, there are still ways to improve the efficiency of your commercial refrigerator. By following these tips and by educating your staff on the importance of good practices in food storage, your shop will save money and reduce waste over time.

Different types of refrigeration 

Refrigeration is an essential part of any business. From grocery stores to convenience stores, cafeterias to restaurants, and offices to warehouses, refrigeration is necessary to preserve food and other perishables.

With a commercial refrigerator, you can keep your products safe for longer periods and save on storage costs. Businesses can choose from a few different types of commercial refrigeration systems. These include:


Mechanical coolers

Refrigeration units

Air-cooled chillers

Conventional refrigeration systems


Five tips to improve your commercial fridge’s efficiency

To improve the efficiency of your commercial fridge, you can do a few things to get the most out of your refrigeration for your business. Such as: 

Regular cleaning and maintenance

Commercial fridges are used by a wide range of businesses, from restaurants to grocery stores. Regular cleaning and maintenance of these fridges can help improve your business’s efficiency.

This is because regular cleaning helps to remove food residue that can build up in the fridge. The build-up of food residue can decrease airflow within the fridge and increase energy consumption, which can lead to higher operating costs for your business. Cleaning also reduces the chances that mould will form inside the fridge, which can harm staff members with allergies or asthma.

Think about positioning in your business

The positioning of your commercial fridge can help improve its efficiency because it allows you to maximise the space available for keeping food cold. By placing it correctly, you can ensure that the food inside stays at a consistent temperature without any wasted energy or electricity used by cooling down parts of your fridge that aren’t being used.

Not over or under-stocking the fridge

Failing to keep a commercial fridge stocked is one of the easiest ways to waste money and your food. Overstocking can lead to items being pushed out of the way, and understocking can cause items to be lost. 

Overstocked fridges are also more likely to have items damaged by other items or by condensation, while understocked fridges may spoil refrigerated products due to inadequate cooling.

Choosing the right type of door 

Choosing the right type of door for your commercial fridge can help you improve efficiency and save money. Flexible doors, which are often made from plastic or metal, can be opened without breaking down the structure of the fridge. 

This means that you don’t need to worry about your refrigerated items being exposed to warmer temperatures, and it also means that you can open your fridge as much as needed, even when it’s full. This is important because opening and closing a door can cause energy loss, so allowing users to do this as they please will help reduce these losses.


The temperature of your fridge can help improve your commercial fridge’s efficiency by increasing the rate at which the cooling system can remove heat from inside the refrigerator. The higher the temperature, the faster a given amount of energy will transfer between two objects. 

When food or drinks are placed into a refrigerator, they absorb some of its energy and transfer it to their surroundings. If you can increase this rate, then you will also be able to decrease the amount of time it takes for food or drinks to cool down before they reach their desired temperature.

A more efficient cooling system means that less energy is wasted on heating up your food or drinks before they get cold enough for consumption. This is good for both your wallet and the environment. 

The bottom line 

In the end, there’s no one size fits all solution to any of these problems. An experienced engineer can come in and help you determine your specific needs and then implement a plan that is right for your business. So, if you think commercial refrigeration is going to be a major issue in your business, it helps to think about these tips so to improve the efficiency of fridges. 

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