Cool treats, hot sales – the benefits of ice cream fridges

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Summer is fast approaching. The sunny evenings beckon us to enjoy them as the temperature creeps up. It’s time to discard those woolly jumpers and dig out the sunglasses from the back of the drawer. As summer rolls in, more people’s thoughts turn to ice cream. The ice cream industry is huge, and the potential revenue waiting for you to tap into is significant. Don’t miss out, make sure that your business is summer ready, with a specially designed ice cream display fridge to maximise your sales opportunities. 

Ice cream display fridges are not only visually appealing but are also designed to keep your goods at the correct temperature, prolonging their shelf life and ensuring your customers keep on returning.

Don’t miss out on summer sales

Research shows that more than 3m people in the UK eat ice cream two to three times a week, which shows that your investment in an ice cream fridge isn’t just for those summer months, but can extend throughout the year. It’s also known that sunshine drives up ice cream sales, especially of individually wrapped ice creams, which are a common impulse buy during sunny days. The annual revenue generated by ice cream sales is around £500m, so don’t miss out on the opportunity waiting for you. 

Sales of scoop ice cream are also strong, with many businesses reporting good profits from the addition of a scooping unit on site. The choice of what will work best for your business is up to you, based on your local demographic, and which one fits better for your business. But, now is the time to plan for your summer success.

Why should you invest in an ice cream fridge?

Single-wrapped ice creams are a classic impulse buy, with the Magmum being the most popular choice. Impulse buys are very visual – when people see something they want to buy it. A small well-designed ice cream fridge near your point of sale will always do better than an old-style freezer stuck in a badly lit corner at the back of the shop. 

Being able to see the range of ice creams you offer will encourage people to buy. 

Scooped ice cream display units are designed to be visually appealing. Whether you want to offer a vast selection of different flavours, or a smaller range of high-quality ice creams, we’ll have the ideal scoop ice cream display unit for you. All our ice cream fridges are specifically designed to keep your ice cream at a consistent and correct temperature, to maintain quality, taste and texture.

Upgrade today and be summer ready

If you already have an ice cream fridge, it may be time to upgrade. Older refrigeration units are less energy efficient than their more modern counterparts, which can increase your monthly outgoings. An old poorly-maintained unit is at risk of breaking down, which could be disastrous for your summer sales. If you’re considering upgrading your ice cream display fridge then now’s a good time to do so, so that you’re ready for the profitable summer months. Not only are newer models more energy efficient, they also benefit from modern design. The latest models are designed to maximise visibility and optimise the display. From easy-to-open doors to slimline frames with increased glass, a new ice cream fridge will help to increase sales. 

Come to Fridgesmart for your ice cream fridge

All our ice cream fridges are carefully chosen for their high-quality design and manufacture. We’ll work with you to  provide the best ice cream fridge for your business. You can be confident in your purchase of a long-lasting unit that will be a sound financial investment for your business for many years to come. We’re always on hand to offer support and advice, to help you choose the best ice cream fridge to maximise your business potential. Whether you’re planning for the summer and need a modern, sleek ice cream display fridge to capitalise on sales opportunities, or need an urgent replacement, we’re here to help. 

Take a look at our full range of ice cream fridges, or if you want advice from our experienced team about the best type of unit for your business, then speak to our friendly and helpful team today. Simply call us today on 01792 677169.