Best fridges for ‘grab & go’ food stores

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‘Grab & go’ is an increasing consumer trend, especially visible over the past three years. These days, people spend less time cooking, while the abundance of takeaways, restaurants and fast food means many look for other options than slaving away in the kitchen.

Whether you’re selling sandwiches or cakes, pre-cooked meals or salads, deli snacks or meal deals, a good commercial display fridge can make all the difference.

This page lists things to mull over when buying a new fridge for your grab & go business. We’ve also come up with a few unit-type suggestions for your consideration. Let’s get into it.


Refrigerators: Points to consider for grab & go operators

We’ve chatted about the most crucial things you should consider as a grab & go operator when buying a fridge. The list below is what we came up with.

Feel free to check it out. If you want to discuss anything in more detail, you can do so (for free) in the live chat window.


1) Ease of access

Aside from food safety, ease of access is the most critical factor for a grab & go fridge. When customers walk in, they typically stay for only a short time. They want to take something quickly, pay for it, and head out again.

Even something as simple as a heavy or sticking door can be off-putting in these scenarios. When looking for the ideal refrigerator, consider how easy it is for a customer (or staff member) to retrieve products from the shelves.


2) Merchandising capacity

Merchandising capacity is the amount of space you have available. In our experience, the typical grab & go business usually operates out of smaller premises or mobile vehicles. Of course, that’s not true for everyone – you might have a significant amount of floor space available.

In general, we recommend upright fridges if space is a premium. In turn, we suggest lower-lying, longer display fridges if you have a large open area. These work best if there’s a significant space between the unit and the rest of the store. You don’t want it to feel cramped.


3) Temperature control/food safety

Temperature control and food safety are vital to using a commercial fridge. If either isn’t up to scratch, it’ll nullify all your hard prep work, impact taste and texture, and could even lead to severe issues like food poisoning and contamination.

When you buy a fridge for your grab & go business, check its certifications and standards. Suppliers should only sell models that are safe to use within the UK (or wherever you’re from). But it’s always worth double-checking.


4) Configuration options

You and your grab and go business are unique. Your branding, aesthetic, available space, product, etc., are all one of a kind. As such, exploring configuration options for any fridges you buy makes sense.

One of the most common things we tailor to individuals is shelving. With most fridges, you can adjust the heights and even the number of shelves. However, get in touch to see what we can do for you specifically.

We also offer branding services at an additional cost, meaning all your refrigerators are tailored to you.


Which fridges are best for grab & go stores?

When pulling all the factors mentioned above together, we recommend the following fridge styles:



Upright displays

Buffet displays 


These offer the best combination of ease of access, branding and configuration options. It would be best if you double-checked that they meet food safety and temperature control requirements, though. That’s why buying from a recognised and experienced supplier is so important.

The exact style will naturally depend on the available space and the product you’re selling.

How can Fridgesmart help?

We’d love to discuss your grab & go business with you in more detail. We can help you brainstorm new ideas or source a bespoke fridge tailored to your business. These are all things we’ve done in the past to help our customers grow.

When you buy a fridge from Fridgesmart, you don’t just get a tried, tested and trusted model. You receive unlimited customer service (including long after the purchase date), with fast delivery and brilliant warranty options.

The most efficient way to contact us is via the Live Chat feature in the corner of your screen. Our experts are always checking in here, and they can answer any questions you might have… including offering free advice. We look forward to hearing from you.