Mercatus proves that form and function don't have to be boring. It has an excellent and elegant range of catering fridges and freezers, all built to the highest quality that you expect from a big name brand. The company is a newcomer to the refrigeration business, having only been established in 1995, but it already exports to more than 40 countries and is an industry leader in shelf top refrigeration, upright freezers, blast chillers, cold rooms, beverage coolers and wine cellars.

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Mercatus recognises its responsibility to the environment and so strives to manufacture its products in ever-more eco friendly ways. At Fridgesmart we stock a variety of Mercatus blast freezers, fish fridges, catering fridges and pizza prep counters - check out our full range below. All of our customers get delivery anywhere in the UK and secure online payment for added peace of mind. Because we've been in the business for 40 years, we know the refrigeration industry inside out, and we never like to beaten on price - our list of happy customers is proof of that. Get in touch through the live chat box, phone or email and see for yourself.


Mercatus ME2923F Mercatus ME2923F £5241.50+VAT£6289.80inc VAT Mercatus ME2329F Mercatus ME2329F £5236.10+VAT£6283.32inc VAT Mercatus ME2923C Mercatus ME2923C £4862.38+VAT£5834.86inc VAT Mercatus ME2329C Mercatus ME2329C £4856.97+VAT£5828.36inc VAT Mercatus ME2029F Mercatus ME2029F £4823.18+VAT£5787.82inc VAT Mercatus ME2323F Mercatus ME2323F £4649.50+VAT£5579.40inc VAT Mercatus ME2917F Mercatus ME2917F £4613.01+VAT£5535.61inc VAT Mercatus ME2029C Mercatus ME2029C £4444.06+VAT£5332.87inc VAT Mercatus ME2323C Mercatus ME2323C £4126.43+VAT£4951.72inc VAT Mercatus ME2917C Mercatus ME2917C £4089.94+VAT£4907.93inc VAT Mercatus ME1723F Mercatus ME1723F £3989.92+VAT£4787.90inc VAT Mercatus ME2317F Mercatus ME2317F £3969.65+VAT£4763.58inc VAT Mercatus ME2020F Mercatus ME2020F £3924.37+VAT£4709.24inc VAT Mercatus ME1720F Mercatus ME1720F £3802.73+VAT£4563.28inc VAT Mercatus ME1423F Mercatus ME1423F £3783.13+VAT£4539.76inc VAT Mercatus ME2314F Mercatus ME2314F £3733.12+VAT£4479.74inc VAT Mercatus ME2017F Mercatus ME2017F £3727.71+VAT£4473.25inc VAT Mercatus ME1723C Mercatus ME1723C £3618.23+VAT£4341.88inc VAT Mercatus ME2317C Mercatus ME2317C £3604.72+VAT£4325.66inc VAT Mercatus ME2020C Mercatus ME2020C £3559.44+VAT£4271.33inc VAT Mercatus ME1720C Mercatus ME1720C £3431.04+VAT£4117.25inc VAT Mercatus ME1423C Mercatus ME1423C £3411.44+VAT£4093.73inc VAT Mercatus ME2014F Mercatus ME2014F £3398.60+VAT£4078.32inc VAT Mercatus ME1717F Mercatus ME1717F £3377.65+VAT£4053.18inc VAT Mercatus ME2314C Mercatus ME2314C £3368.19+VAT£4041.83inc VAT Mercatus ME2017C Mercatus ME2017C £3362.78+VAT£4035.34inc VAT Mercatus ME2014C Mercatus ME2014C £3155.31+VAT£3786.37inc VAT Mercatus ME1714F Mercatus ME1714F £3139.09+VAT£3766.91inc VAT Mercatus ME1717C Mercatus ME1717C £3085.56+VAT£3702.67inc VAT Mercatus ME1417F Mercatus ME1417F £3066.76+VAT£3680.11inc VAT Mercatus ME1414F Mercatus ME1414F £3026.23+VAT£3631.48inc VAT Mercatus ME1417C Mercatus ME1417C £2897.83+VAT£3477.40inc VAT Mercatus ME1714C Mercatus ME1714C £2895.80+VAT£3474.96inc VAT Mercatus ME1414C Mercatus ME1414C £2782.94+VAT£3339.53inc VAT Mercatus ME1411F Mercatus ME1411F £2711.00+VAT£3253.20inc VAT Mercatus ME1411C Mercatus ME1411C £2493.70+VAT£2992.44inc VAT Mercatus Y5-500 Mercatus Y5-500 £2281.02+VAT£2737.22inc VAT Mercatus S1 Pizza Prep Mercatus S1 Pizza Prep from £1796.84+VAT£2156.21inc VAT Mercatus U2 Range Mercatus U2 Range from £1699.62+VAT£2039.54inc VAT Mercatus D1-720 Mercatus D1-720 £1592.52+VAT£1911.02inc VAT Mercatus Y2 Mercatus Y2 from £1483.56+VAT£1780.27inc VAT Mercatus X6 Mercatus X6 £1410.88+VAT£1693.06inc VAT Mercatus L2 Mercatus L2 from £1321.08+VAT£1585.30inc VAT Mercatus U1 Mercatus U1 from £1312.96+VAT£1575.55inc VAT Mercatus Q3-500 Mercatus Q3-500 £1255.92+VAT£1507.10inc VAT Mercatus X3 Mercatus X3 £1083.48+VAT£1300.18inc VAT Mercatus ME2011F Mercatus ME2011F £3010.69+VAT£3612.83inc VATwas £3612.83inc VAT£3010.69+VAT
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Mercatus ME2011C Mercatus ME2011C £2767.40+VAT£3320.88inc VATwas £3320.88inc VAT£2767.40+VAT
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