Interlevin is the industry leading commercial refrigeration supplier. Founded in Castle Donington in 1967, the company has grown incredibly over half a century, becoming the UK’s largest fridge manufacturer. Interlevin refrigeration solutions are market leading, and you can see our full range of Interlevin products below, all available now at competitive prices.

The experts at Interlevin manufacture a range of commercial display fridges and freezers, and have established a strong reputation as the go-to brand for multideck fridges. Offering a wide selection, Interlevin is also known for its top-of-the-line cake fridges, which are a mark of quality in cafes and cake shops up and down the UK.

The company is now the UK’s largest commercial refrigeration company, with global brands under its name and its mission statement is to achieve total customer satisfaction - that’s why we’re so proud to partner with Interlevin.

Great prices on the best Interlevin products

We can attest to the quality of their products and the good service they provide - all of their products are built to the highest standards and their UK and Ireland delivery service is second to none. They also stock a wide range of critical spares, available on next day delivery - get in touch today.

Interlevin LGF7500 Interlevin LGF7500 £3499.00+VAT£4198.80inc VAT Interlevin Bellini Hot Range Interlevin Bellini Hot Range £2578.85+VAT£3094.62inc VAT Interlevin LGF5000 Interlevin LGF5000 £2350.00+VAT£2820.00inc VAT Interlevin CAF1390 Interlevin CAF1390 £2343.50+VAT£2812.20inc VAT Interlevin CAF1250 Interlevin CAF1250 £2169.10+VAT£2602.92inc VAT Interlevin CAR1250 Interlevin CAR1250 £2067.73+VAT£2481.28inc VAT Interlevin LPD Curved Interlevin LPD Curved from £1965.00+VAT£2358.00inc VAT Interlevin CAF900 Interlevin CAF900 £1907.50+VAT£2289.00inc VAT Interlevin LPDF Range Interlevin LPDF Range from £1875.00+VAT£2250.00inc VAT interlevin CAR1390 interlevin CAR1390 from £1850.00+VAT£2220.00inc VAT Interlevin CAR900 Interlevin CAR900 £1738.55+VAT£2086.26inc VAT Interlevin LGF2500 Interlevin LGF2500 £1525.00+VAT£1830.00inc VAT Interlevin SL2 Interlevin SL2 £1462.43+VAT£1754.92inc VAT Interlevin PD Upright Interlevin PD Upright £1363.09+VAT£1635.71inc VAT Interlevin PHF Interlevin PHF from £1336.06+VAT£1603.27inc VAT Interlevin CAF650 Interlevin CAF650 £1328.71+VAT£1594.45inc VAT Interlevin LGC Range Interlevin LGC Range from £1275.00+VAT£1530.00inc VAT Interlevin CAR650 Interlevin CAR650 £1214.26+VAT£1457.11inc VAT Interlevin PH Range Interlevin PH Range from £1186.70+VAT£1424.04inc VAT Interlevin Chopin Range Interlevin Chopin Range from £1175.89+VAT£1411.07inc VAT Interlevin PD30H Stainless Interlevin PD30H Stainless £1162.38+VAT£1394.86inc VAT Interlevin PD-Upright Range SS Interlevin PD-Upright Range SS £1115.07+VAT£1338.08inc VAT Interlevin CAF410 Interlevin CAF410 £1075.00+VAT£1290.00inc VAT Interlevin CAR410 Interlevin CAR410 £1065.00+VAT£1278.00inc VAT Interlevin GF Range Interlevin GF Range from £1059.65+VAT£1271.58inc VAT Interlevin EC30H Interlevin EC30H £1021.81+VAT£1226.17inc VAT Interlevin Bellini Range Interlevin Bellini Range from £999.00+VAT£1198.80inc VAT Interlevin PD20H Stainless Interlevin PD20H Stainless £875.16+VAT£1050.19inc VAT Interlevin PD30 Interlevin PD30 from £873.13+VAT£1047.76inc VAT Interlevin EC20 Interlevin EC20 from £767.03+VAT£920.44inc VAT Interlevin LJD3 Interlevin LJD3 from £702.16+VAT£842.59inc VAT Interlevin PD10H Stainless Interlevin PD10H Stainless £692.02+VAT£830.42inc VAT Interlevin Aquarius Range Interlevin Aquarius Range from £686.70+VAT£824.04inc VAT Interlevin PD20 Interlevin PD20 from £655.53+VAT£786.64inc VAT Interlevin LCT Curved Interlevin LCT Curved from £654.17+VAT£785.00inc VAT Interlevin LCT750 Interlevin LCT750 from £631.20+VAT£757.44inc VAT Tefcold SC381WB Tefcold SC381WB £619.71+VAT£743.65inc VAT Interlevin LJD2 Interlevin LJD2 from £617.01+VAT£740.41inc VAT Interlevin EC10h Interlevin EC10h £613.63+VAT£736.36inc VAT Interlevin LHF SS Interlevin LHF SS from £544.69+VAT£653.63inc VAT Interlevin PD10 Interlevin PD10 £524.42+VAT£629.30inc VAT Interlevin LJD1 Interlevin LJD1 from £508.88+VAT£610.66inc VAT Interlevin LHF Interlevin LHF from £501.44+VAT£601.73inc VAT Interlevin SC381B Interlevin SC381B from £429.00+VAT£514.80inc VAT BM8710 Wet Well BM BM8710 Wet Well BM £101.37+VAT£121.64inc VAT Chafing Dish Chafing Dish £26.00+VAT£31.20inc VAT Rolltop Chafing Dish Rolltop Chafing Dish £70.00+VAT£84.00inc VAT Misc Shelf Misc Shelf from £0.00+VAT£0.00inc VAT
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